Never Proven

Fourth Book in the CDI Charlie Anderson series

‘Beautifully plotted… keeps you guessing all the way to what must be one of the best endings ever to a whodunnit’

‘There’s a huge following out there for good Tartan Noir and “Never Proven” is very good Tartan Noir indeed’


IT consultant John Preston is found murdered on the streets of Glasgow, mobile missing, a hefty cash sum in his jacket. To DCI Charlie Anderson, it smells like a trap – a victim lured to his death by someone he knew. On the same night, two local villains commit a vicious assault in a run-down pub.

Charlie Anderson’s coppers’ instincts count for nothing. Nor, it seems, does the truth. As the cases keep intertwining, a trail of false confessions and shocking revelations keeps the answers just beyond reach.

Never Proven sees DCI Anderson confronting the failings of a system he’s put his faith in – and his own limits as a detective.

Guilt is everywhere. But can he prove it?