Black Mail

First Book in the CDI Charlie Anderson series

Amazon No 1 bestseller in Scottish Crime

Murder and drug-dealing are all in a day’s work for DCI Charlie Anderson, but everything’s on a different scale now that psychopath Billy McAteer is back on the streets of Glasgow.

Simon Ramsay, a successful and seemingly respectable businessman, receives an email with a photograph attached. If he doesn’t come up with £50K, the sender will release it to the press, and Ramsay’s career will be over. In a state of panic he contacts his mistress, Laura. He tells her a blackmailer has managed to get his hands on a compromising photo of them in bed together.

Terrified of what her violent husband will do if he finds out about her affair, Laura enlists the services of McAteer to deal with the blackmailer.

It is a moment of madness, with disastrous consequences and it falls to Charlie Anderson to unravel the trail of death and destruction.

Double Mortice

Second Book in the CDI Charlie Anderson series

Michael Gibson’s world is collapsing all around him. The senior partner in one of Glasgow’s biggest law firms, Gibson desperately wants a divorce so he can marry Philippa, his mistress, but his wife is refusing to cooperate. He is suffering from debilitating headaches and terrifying nightmares. An event from his past, which could ruin his career, is threatening to resurface. Worst of all, Jack McFarlane – who has sworn to kill him – is about to be released from prison.

When Gibson’s wife mysteriously disappears, DCI Charlie Anderson has to establish if he’s dealing with a case of abduction, suicide or murder.

As events unfold against the dark streets of Glasgow, Charlie finds even his renowned analytical skills seriously challenged.

Cutting Edge

Third book in the DCI Charlie Anderson series

A serial killer seems to be roving the city, targeting a range of victims from an elderly traveller to a young female accountant and a heroin-addicted mercenary. In each case the left hand of the victim is hacked off and sent to Charlie Anderson.

It’s a high profile case, made tougher by media involvement, pressure from the top brass and tensions on the team. But when Charlie’s own family is targeted by the killer, career concerns go out of the window.

Now it’s life and death…..

The Pheasant Plucker

The Pheasant Plucker (published by Logan Books) is a light-hearted spy spoof, set mainly in France

Frank McClure, the eccentric son of an Ayrshire publican and his French au pair, applies for a job with MI6 to escape from his humdrum existence.

When he is assigned to Montpellier, he stumbles upon a racist cell who are planning indiscriminate attacks on various targets in both Britain and France.

As Frank races against time to warn his superiors of these impending attacks, he gets caught up in the mystifying complexity of the relationship between MI6 and their French counterparts.

The Pheasant Plucker is a compelling blend of humour, political intrigue and romance, with several intricate plot twists which will keep the reader guessing until the final denouement.